Boost VC was the first institutional fund to commit to funding blockchain companies. 

When we started investing in 2013, only a handful of blockchain startups were in existence and we wanted to help grow that number. Since then we have been one of the most active investors in the blockchain space, funding over 50 blockchain companies from 20+ different countries.

The blockchain is one of the largest technological breakthroughs in the past many decades. We have only scratched the surface as to where the opportunities lie. Having the ability to transfer a unique piece of digital property to another over the internet safe and securely is something that can change all industries. 

Today most know of the blockchain because of bitcoin, the digital currency built on top. Bitcoin allows store of value and transfer of wealth. We are most excited by bitcoin startups helping to provide financial inclusion to those who are currently underbanked, micro-transactions in the form online payments and loans, and remittance and cross border payments. The blockchain can be used for many other purposes outside of using it for money.

We are looking for companies using the technology for settlement of contracts where we can eliminate middlemen, confirmation of identity with both personal and fraud prevention, and providing transparency of information to end users.

We are more excited than ever about the blockchain and supporting passionate entrepreneurs looking to change the status quo. It will be a long and difficult road ahead but the impact blockchain technologies will have on the world will be as monstrous as the internet. If you are working on anything we mentioned or something we haven’t yet thought of, reach out to us - let’s work together to provide a better world.